Main Street in Rosemary BeachRosemary Beach has been defined as a “neo-traditional” town located between Panama City and Destin at the far east end of Scenic Highway 30A. It’s a relatively new township, being established in 1995. But the architecture tends to remind visitors of St. Augustine, the oldest European urban dwelling in North America. The Spanish and French influence speaks out loud on the homes, offices, roads, and other architecture. Old European style is not the only reason people love to visit, work, and live in Rosemary Beach. There are many other compelling reasons to book a vacation or buy a home in the serene 30A real estate of Rosemary Beach.

Fantastic Beaches

White sands, refreshing wind, singing gulls, crystal-clear gulf waters, and bouncing sandpipers are just a few words to describe the enthralling beauty of the beaches of Rosemary Beach. It’s a fantastic place to experience the best in the world right here in Florida. 30A’s beaches easily compete with the best beaches of the Caribbean and Thailand.

Something For Everyone

Rosemary Beach is a perfect place for people looking for uncrowded beaches. Temperatures in this area are agreeable all year round. Rosemary Beach is a perfect place to leisurely grab a bite to eat and run your errands. For sport fans, Rosemary offers tennis courts and pools. Nature lovers can enjoy walkovers on the Rosemary dunes. And there are plenty of green areas in town and nearby regions.

PhilosophyRosemary Beach Homes

The Rosemary Beach Land Company is the brains behind this marvelous piece of architecture. This 107-acre township facing the Gulf of Mexico is based on new concepts of integrating modern lifestyle with the traditional neighborhood environment.

Rosemary Beach provides a perfect place for anyone who is looking to arrange their modern lifestyle without losing the sense of community which was a hallmark of American suburbs a couple of decades ago. Click here to view all of the homes currently for sale in Rosemary Beach!